Muscles are soft tissues attached to the bones. When the muscles contract, bones moves. If bones move, WE move. It´s that simple!!

Bones & Muscles Original.jpg
Muscles contract and move the bones.
Movement Original.jpg
Bones move, WE move!!

Our muscles are elastic and strong.


There are 2 types of muscles:

  • Voluntary muscles: we control them (e.g. the biceps).

  • Involuntary muscles: we don´t control them (e.g. the heart).

Let´s study now some of the most important muscles in our body.

Muscles Original.jpg

Let´s see a muscular system model:

Have you ever wonder how muscles work? Here is a short explanation:

Interesting, isn´t it? What about learning some extra information about the muscles?

Muscle facts:

  • You have more than 600 muscles in your body.

  • When you walk, you use 200 muscles.

  • When you smile, you use 17 muscles.

  • When you speak, you use 72 different muscles.

  • The strongest muscle in your body is the masseter (in the jawbone).

  • Your tongue has 16 different muscles.

Time now to check what you have learned with this interesting game.