The person that studies the atmosphere is a meteorologist.

A meteorologist can predict the weather.

To predict the weather, a meteorologist need to use some instruments.

  • Thermometer: it measures the temperature. It has two main elements:

  1. A glass tube full of mercury that rises or falls according to the temperature.

  2. A scale with numbers that indicates the temperature.


  • Hygrometer: it measures the humidity in the air (how much water vapor is in the air).


  • Anemometer: it measures the speed of wind.

  • Weather vane: it indicates the wind direction.

Weather vane.jpg

  • Rain gauge: it is a tube for collecting rain, hail or snow. It measures the quantity of rain, hail or snow that has fallen. It has a scale with numbers.

Rain Gauge.jpg
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  • Barometer: it measures the air pressure. High pressure indicates it will be sunny and dry; and low pressure indicates it will be rainy or snowy.


This lesson is a bit difficult, isn´t it? Let´s watch a couple of videos to make it easier.

On the first video, you will review all the weather instruments.

On the second video, you will learn how to build your own weather cane. I hope you like it!!

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