Different types of plants produce different types of fruits.

Different Fruits.jpg

Basically, we can classify fruits in two groups: fleshy fruits and dry fruits.

  • Fleshy fruits: they are very juicy because they contain lots of water. Examples: watermelon, peaches,...

Watermelon and Peaches.jpg

  • Dry fruits: they contain little water. Examples: peanuts, acorns,...

Peanuts and Acorns.jpg


Seeds are inside fruits. Seeds can be very different.


Some fruits only have one seed or stone (like peaches), and some fruits have many seeds (like apples).

Seeds can be hard (like orange seeds) or soft (like tomato seeds).

Let´s review the lesson with a couple of videos. In the first video, you will review all the previous information about plants.

In the second video, you will watch how a seed grows through 8 weeks.

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