As you have studied in previous lessons, plants and animals need food in order to have energy to live and do their daily activities.

All living things get that energy from the food they eat:

  • Plants can make their own food using water, sunlight, soil and air.

  • Animals need to eat plants (herbivores and omnivores) or other animals (carnivores and omnivores) to get the energy.

This process can be represented with a FOOD CHAIN. But, what´s a food chain?

It´s a diagram that shows how each living thing gets its food to obtain energy. It shows WHO EATS WHO. The arrows show what animals eat (a plant or another animal). Let´s see an example:

Food Chain.jpg

As you can see, there are different levels. Here´s a brief explanation of the process:

  1. OMNIVORES eat other omnivores, carnivores, herbivores or plants.

  2. SECONDARY CARNIVORES eat other carnivores.

  3. PRIMARY CARNIVORES eat herbivores.

  4. HERBIVORES eat plants.

  5. When plants and animals die, DECOMPOSERS decompose those plants and animals into nutrients that can be used by plants to make their own food. And the cycle starts again!

So it´s like RECYCLING!!Recycling.jpg

Do you want to check what you have learned? Try out this GAMES:

Food Chain - Game 1.jpg
Food Chain - Game 2.jpg
Food Chain - Game 3.jpg