You are going to learn how to work with augmented reality. It´s very easy and simple. Just follow 3 steps:

  1. Connect a webcam to your computer.

  2. Open the internet link provided and print the marker (in case you don´t already have it). Press here if you want to download it.

  3. Press "PERMITIR" and enjoy.

Ezflar 2.jpg

This technology is brought to you by EZFLAR :
Ezflar 1.jpg


- Make sure there is enough light.

- Do not move the marker quickly .

- Make sure you can see the whole marker on the webcam.

- Do not cover the marker (e.g. with your finger).

Do you have any questions? Let´s watch a video to make this explanation a bit more clear:

Everything under control? Ok. So let´s start working with the augmented reality.

  • Click on the picture:

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