In this lesson we will learn how to use a compass and how to read maps.

A compass is a piece of equipment that helps you to find the four cardinal points. The cardinal points are:

  • North (N)

  • South (S)

  • East (E)

  • West (W)

Here´s a game to help you remember them.

Compass Game.jpg

A compass has a magnetic needle (usually in red) that always points to the north.

Using a compass is very easy:

1 - Hold the compass flat in your hand.

2 - The red part of the magnetic needle is pointing to the north.

3 - Slowly, turn your body until the letter N and the red part of the magnetic needle coincide.

4 - Now, you are facing the north and you know where the 4 cardinal points are.

Easy, isn´t it? Check this video to help you understand this process a little better.