Air is all around us. The atmosphere is made up of air.


But, what´s the air? Air is composed of many different gases. The most important ones are: nitrogen (N2), oxygen (O2) and carbon dioxide (CO2).

Air Components Proportion.jpg

You already know that all living things need air. But... why?? Let´s see the reasons:

  • Animals need to breathe in oxygen. We need oxygen to carry out the 3 life processes (nutrition, interaction and reproduction). No oxygen, no life. Animals breathe out carbon dioxide.

Animals need oxygen.jpg
  • Plants need carbon dioxide to produce their own food (with water, sunlight and minerals from the soil). After this process, plants release oxygen into the atmosphere.

Plants release oxygen.jpg

As you can see, the animals need the plants and the plants need the animals, don´t you think so?

Time for videos.

Do you remember what living things need? Just air? What about food? Let´s remember what all living things need?

Do you know how to create carbon dioxide? It´s very easy if you follow the steps of this experiment.